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Bakery Distribution Warehouse supports professionals and amateurs of traditional French bakery-pastry in the United States, with top-quality Moulins Foricher and Grands Moulins de Paris flours (including Francine brand).

T45, T55, T65, T80, T00, milling blends, wheat-based, oat-based, rye-based (100% French)… our selection of flours is ideal for making everyday French breads or Traditional French breads (baguettes), special or rustic breads in all shapes and forms (pavés, tourtes, boules, baguettes), pastries, sweet, shortcrust, yeast-raised or puff pastries (cakes, tarts, croissants, brioches, sandwich or Viennese breads, burgers, etc.). So everyone can promote “French-style” baking expertise in Uncle Sam’s country!

Georges Kandé, Chief Executive Officer, Bakery Distribution Warehouse


Our commitments

For Bakery Distribution Warehouse, quality starts at the mill… Working with Moulins Foricher and Grands Moulins de Paris (including Francine brand) means that we can offer our customers top-quality products that are unfailingly consistent, rigorously controlled, certified to the highest European standards, and fully traceable from field to bakery. These are just some of the advantages that contribute to a tasty, balanced and responsible diet!

Bakery Distribution Warehouse makes it a point of honor to supply top-of-the-range French bakery products on a daily basis, with fast delivery times to 17 states* in the eastern United States. From New York to New Orleans, via Washington, Jackson, Nashville, Savannah, Charleston to South Florida in Miami, we can – thanks to our own vehicles and reliable transport partners – supply you with French flours in a matter of hours.

We are committed to creating a long-term “win-win” partnership with our customers, where product quality, responsiveness and customer service come first. All this, punctuated by a touch of conviviality that’s part of our DNA!

* Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia


Foricher and Grands Moulins de Paris quality


As a regional and family miller, Foricher has been offering pure flours of superior baking quality for over 20 years. The selected wheat comes 100% from French territory (Loiret and Yonne regions), as close as possible to their mills. These cereals are chosen for their specific characteristics and properties, as defined by CRC® specifications.

Foricher’s commitment: zero enzymes, zero additives, zero additions.

Independent and committed, Foricher produce flours of constance quality and regularity, meeting Bagatelle and Label Rouge* certification standards.

The motto of Moulins Foricher: Quality, Consistency, Humility!


For over 100 years, Grands Moulins de Paris has been a key cog in the French wheat industry. GMP selects the varieties best suited to each application to obtain the best quality flours, milling mixes and improvers.

The brand favors well-known and recognized ingredients, with a focus on continuous improvement and a sustainable approach. Tradition flours contain only wheat-based ingredients. The colorants and flavors included in the milling mixes are of natural origin, and 100% of the wheat grains used in the mills are stored without insecticides.

Grands Moulins de paris owns the Campaillette, Copaline, Francine, Recettes de mon Moulin and Moul-Bie brands.


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