Secrets and techniques of French bakery-pastry with Foricher flours!

We are pleased to organize an exclusive Masterclass* for professionals** in Miami under the direction of Christian Gillet, Pastry-Baker Trainer, French Baker Champion and Rachel Blanchon, Scientist.

For two days, Christian Gillet will immerse you in a world of flavors, improve your knowledge, reveal new recipes, techniques and culinary secrets combining tradition and innovation, also you be able to exchange with other professionals. Scientist Rachel Blanchon will enrich the physico-chemical understanding of technical gestures and raw materials.

Number of participants is limited to ensure the best experience… Don’t delay in registering!

Christian Gillet, Pastry-Baker Trainer,
French Baker Champion
& Rachel Blanchon, Scientist

The masterclass program includes science & technology application and practice.

Scientific application:
– Flour: there is not only wheat flour…
– Autolyse: what it is, how and why to use it
– Kneading: understanding different types is essential, kneading time has an impact on the final bread
– Fermentation: yeast, poolish, sourdough…. details of each method, their actions, and benefits
– Burgers or soft bread: starch technique
– “Antigaspi”: a recipe to limit waste and optimize yield

Practical work:
– Sourdough bread
– Traditional baguette (long fermentation)
– Italian Focaccia
– Burger and “viennois” snacking
– French croissant
– Chocolaty’Brownie (Brownie strié)
– Multi-flavored crown

Day 1: Monday, August 12th 2024

Day 2: Tuesday, August 13th 2024

Eclair Affaire Laboratory

10392 W State Rd 84 – Suite 110
Davie, FL 3332

*Limited availabilities
**Registration subject to profile validation

With our partner “Les Moulins Foricher”