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Traditional French Recipes using our imported flours.

Valentine’s day French Brioche


A French Brioche to share with your significant other on a special occasion. A recipe by Christian Gillet, Pastry-baker trainer – French Baker Champion – BakeLabRC consulting. A professional baker’s recipe…

Traditional French baguette


The baguette holds a special place as one of the most iconic symbols of French cuisine. Its long, slender shape and crispy crust have become synonymous with French bakeries and dining culture worldwide. Here is Traditional French baguette recipe…

Fruits King cake (Galette des Rois)


A Kings cake recipe by Christian Gillet, Pastry-baker trainer at BakeLabRC consulting – French Baker Champion

Frangipane King cake (Galette des Rois)


A traditional King Cake recipe by Lucas Bistoquet, winner of the Best Galette of Miami 2021/2023 Work at Bonjour Bakery, Miami. A professional baker’s recipe…