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Bakers: 6 good reasons to choose French flours in United States!

French flour is recognized worldwide for its quality and reliability! By choosing French flour in the USA, you can take advantage of this worldwide reputation and benefit from the expertise that French millers have developed over centuries of baking tradition. But beyond the reputation, what are the 6 good reasons to choose French flours in the United States?

Why are French flours increasingly popular in the United States?


As culinary diversity continues to expand in the United States, a particular trend is attracting attention among chefs, bakers, and cooking enthusiasts: the presence of French flours in American kitchens. Renowned for their superior quality and unique characteristics, French flours are making their mark in the baking industry and beyond, offering a taste of France’s rich culinary heritage to American consumers.

Foricher flours distributed in the United States


Working with Moulins Foricher means that we can offer outstanding products to our customers, with flawless regularity, rigorous controls, renowned European certifications, and total traceability from field to bakery. These assets contribute to a tasty, balanced and responsible diet!