Bakery Distribution Warehouse supports professionals and amateurs of traditional French bakery-pastry in the United States, with top-quality 100% french flours.

For Bakery Distribution Warehouse, quality starts at the mill…

Working with Moulins Foricher means that we can offer outstanding products to our customers, with flawless regularity, rigorous controls, renowned European certifications, and total traceability from field to bakery. These assets contribute to a tasty, balanced and responsible diet!

As a regional and family miller, Les Moulins Foricher has been offering pure flours of superior baking quality for over 20 years. Wheat comes exclusively from French territory (Loiret and Yonne regions), as close as possible to their mills. These cereals are selected for their specific characteristics and properties, as defined by CRC® specifications. Independent and committed, Foricher produce flours of constant quality and regularity, meeting Bagatelle, Label Rouge* and Kosher certification standards.

Foricher’s commitment: zero enzymes, zero additives, zero additions.

The motto of the founder Yvon Foricher: Quality, Consistency, Humility!

Yvon Foricher is a qualified miller, following a family tradition spanning 7 generations. He created the company in 1997, initially as a trading company selling flour to artisan bakers. For this uncompromising miller, consistency and excellence are crucial for protecting this unique knowledge and standing out from the crowd in a fast-changing market. Working closely with bakers, he has developed a relationship which extends far beyond business and has a hands-on role, providing motivation and services and anticipating needs.

Proud to distribute Foricher French flours in the United States

We make a point of honor to deliver our products on a daily basis with fast shipping to 17 states* in the Eastern United States. From New York to New Orleans, via Washington, Jackson, Nashville, Savannah, Charleston to South Florida, we can supply you with 100% French flours in few hours, thanks to our own trucks and reliable transport partners.

Our ambition: to establish a long-term «win-win» partnership with our customers. where product quality, and service come first!

*Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

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(Photo credit: Moulins Foricher)