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Masterclass – August 12th & 13th, 2024 – Miami


Bakers and Pastry chefs, join us for our Masterclass on August 12th and 13th! For two days, Christian Gillet, Pastry-Baker Trainer, French Baker Champion, will share new recipes, techniques and culinary secrets that combine tradition and innovation. The Masterclass program includes both scientific and practical approach. It’s also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other professionals in a convivial atmosphere…. Register now!

Puff pastry

French Puff pastry

Very popular in France, puff pastry is used in the kitchen to make sweet and savory dishes such as croissants, pains au chocolat, tarts, vol-au-vent, and many other recipes. Discover the recipe from Bakery Distribution Warehouse…

Bakers: 6 good reasons to choose French flours in United States!

French flour is recognized worldwide for its quality and reliability! By choosing French flour in the USA, you can take advantage of this worldwide reputation and benefit from the expertise that French millers have developed over centuries of baking tradition. But beyond the reputation, what are the 6 good reasons to choose French flours in the United States?

French croissant


The French croissant is known all over the world as one of the most emblematic pastries of French cuisine. This delicate croissant-shaped pastry has a flaky, buttery texture and a rich flavor that has captivated taste buds for generations. Discover the recipe…

Valentine’s day French Brioche


A French Brioche to share with your significant other on a special occasion. A recipe by Christian Gillet, Pastry-baker trainer – French Baker Champion – BakeLabRC consulting. A professional baker’s recipe…

What different types of French flours and uses?

Flour has been a key component of the world’s diet for centuries, whether for baking, pastry-making or cooking. But there is a wide variety of flours. They don’t all have the same specific characteristics and are not all dedicated to the same uses, so it’s sometimes difficult to find your way around. But choosing the right flour gives you the best chance of succeeding in your recipe! So here is some information and tips to guide you in the world of French flours…

Foricher flours distributed in the United States


Working with Moulins Foricher means that we can offer outstanding products to our customers, with flawless regularity, rigorous controls, renowned European certifications, and total traceability from field to bakery. These assets contribute to a tasty, balanced and responsible diet!